tall_treesVancouver Island is home to some of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders in the world. River Quest Charters can bring you to Nature’s doorstep – all you have to do is climb aboard!

Why not spend an afternoon drifting along with the current… stopping for a picnic in a centuries-old forest or snapping pictures of a bald eagle or two?

The area is home to an abundance of wildlife – eagles, falcons, deer, otters, beaver, bears, ducks, blue herons, raccoon – don’t forget your camera!


In a province with almost 2,000 rivers, the Cowichan River is one of only a few chosen as a British Columbia Heritage River. Recently, it was also designated a National Heritage River, one of only four in B.C.

footpathTake a stroll down the historic Cowichan River Footpath and listen to the echoes of history.

You can learn more about the Cowichan River at Great Canadian

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